The Octomom Rant (Feb 2009)

Whoa.  No seriously.  Whoa!!!

Well, here’s a more impassioned one for you.

Regarding the Octopsycho “mom”…

Alright, we all know part of my campaign “for the future of humanity” is built largely on such “radical” idealist tenants as breeding licenses to prevent innocent lives from being brought into the world in below-acceptable, wanted, and well-prepared-for circumstance.

Normally everyone would live in their little insulated selfish bubbles and continue doing their own thing, the responsible ones seeing no problem because they are responsible, and the others seeing no problems because they are IDIOTS…but then once in awhile something pops up on the radar.

Exhibit A.) This chick. I just love it when God drops the examples to make my case right in the same city.

This should have never happened…because she should have been (temporarily, *protectively*) sterilized at birth. Wait, nix that. Her mother should have been sterilized at birth with a trust account setup to provide an optional ability to have children ONCE CERTAIN BARE FUCKING SANE minimal requirements had been met. 

Oh, poor thing, you had a fucked up childhood, so your solution is to rationalize creating 14 fucked up childhoods?

Step into my office. Why? Because you’re fucking fired.

This is absurd. But what is even more absurd, if not criminal, is how many times similar scenarios repeat themselves across this country and around the world on a daily basis that go unnoticed and unpublicized simply because they are not so grotesque and large scale in their perpetration. She made the headlines for having Octuplets (which isn’t even in the spell checker!!!) and people saw that as a good/rare thing?

Your civilization might be FAIL if...

Not the intelligent, sane, considerate, responsible, sustainably-minded people, mind you.

Oh, well I guess that explains it.


Now then, lets take a sampling of the state of the art in hip-hop, rap music shall we?

Doomed.  We’re f7cking doomed.

Sex is easy to sell to irresponsible idiots because it feels good. Unfortunately the consequences of sex can be the complete destruction of individual lives literally from the point of conception, and then to society as a whole from that point on.

Shame, shame, shame, shame, shame.

But the only problem is, these people ironically have no shame, which is what makes the entire scenario of selfish, shortsighted, destructive idiots breeding freely so paradoxical. How far does it go until everyone realizes behavior like this is choking the world’s resources, and ruining innocent lives by bringing them into the world with an inferior set of genetics if not circumstance?

Where did the term “baby’s mama” come from? Is that supposed to be funny?

Is it funny that some stupid people are allowed to roam freely destroying the lives of others in such not-exactly-subtle ways?

God is trying to make the point I have been arguing for years now. This chick’s views of what is right, wrong, and rational cannot be trusted, and so who is going to put a leash on such scenarios before our society is literally brought to the level of Idiocracy?

What is it going to take to protect the rights of the human spirit to be brought in to this world under humane circumstance? Why is this not apparent to every single person that applies for welfare?

If we are going to financially support breeding, we need to make a concerted effort to support breeding the right genetics that will further mankind not just create and unneeded workforce of…people that rationalize causing harm to the world and others (read gangsta rap and gang culture) because they were brought into this world by accident to people that shouldn’t even be allowed to cross the street?

The only lemonade-making silver lining of this scenario is that it is being brought into the light front and center, but this woman is going to have to come up with an infinitely better excuse than “I’m going to school” to face me.

Fuck that. Fuck her for that “living on imaginary credit” mindset, and not focusing her delusionally grandiose “love” on supporting one living being before introducing and entire social death sentence of them into the social cesspool.

If you live in the city, look around at the graffiti and the gangs. That is what this women likely brought into this world instead of an unprecedented family of Rhodes scholars, and we don’t need more graffiti.

(No disrespect to the children as they are the innocent victims, but they became the problem the second they were brought into this world under problematic circumstance by the idiot with the pussy and the doctor that helped her. WTF?)

I can speak from personal demonstration of responsible behavior, because of all the wild, fun, crazy, irresponsible things I have done, remotely allowing the chance of bringing an innocent life into this world until I was beyond well-prepared for it is simply not an option, and EVERY girl I have ever slept with knows and understands this front and center (i.e. the “worst case scenario backup abortion talk”) prior to any of the fun but risky adventures in the hay. Protect the children by not having them! Of course, as I have experienced my entire life, it is ironically hard to convince an idiot they are an idiot, so the least you can do is remove their ability to multiply before it becomes a liability to the existence of humanity and life itself.

The planet is only so big. There are only so many resources, and so much “love” to go around. That woman can’t even provide for herself, much less a pet, much less one child, much less 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, or God-fucking knows and can prove in court 14.

The fact that she is indignant instead of humbled and apologetic to the children and society shows what the problem is, and when you apply that prism to analyzing much of the other behavior that is tolerated if not mass-promoted and encouraged in certain dysfunctional sub-cultures, well, it’s time to draw the lines more safely if you ask little ole semi-important me.

Spreading one’s “love” and time and resources so thinly is NOT love, it is selfish behavior that causes the feeling of the opposite of love on the other parties involved. Were you a wanted, minimally prepared for, expected child from good stock? Then, chances are, your quality of life, and the way you pass that on to others, is much better than if the odds are stacked against you from the start. Use a positive propaganda campaign to encourage this, not a set of black and white rules that abusive personality types will abuse the hell out of without the shame of others.

“Two is fair and right for everyone involved.” There’s a place to start. Or perhaps a one-in, one-out policy. Using pain as an excuse to cause more pain is still causing pain instead of happiness, which is obviously not what God wants. Do the math and get back to me.

I rest my case your honor.

Breathe Allen breathe.

OK, I’m better now. These kids got lucky because of the media and society, it’s all the unseen ones that need better parents in the first place.



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