Starting the Blog Over…Over Again (Feb 2009 + Dec 2011 Update)

So here we are…again.

Me writing.  Kind of.

Having written millions of words over the last few years yet not actually done anything with them (except secretly sway the entire broadcast historical narrative via the coded “Wyzard Project”), it seems I have become burnt-out on writing.  I’ve finally got all my grandiose schemes of how to save the world lined up and ready to go, yet I’m so sick of writing that I can’t even motivate myself to type them out in one consolidated place here on the new site I’ve finally created using WordPress (love it btw).  Sigh.

Nonetheless, in trying to jumpstart myself back into writing, and this time doing it in a centralized location and format that I can then just directly submit as book material, I’ve decided I may as well go back and read my myriad of old posts to see just how good, bad, or other they are from a fresh perspective.  I’ve been really caught up with social media over the last few years, writing the majority of my rants in A.D.D. style fashion only to then toss them into the unknown abyss of my social media stream, never to be seen again, but hopefully with a little behavior correction I can fix that this time.  Pray for me.

At any rate, in going back through what I’ve written, some of the stuff doesn’t strike me as half bad, so I’ve decided to share some of the older posts I wrote here on my new site as well, I presume with these little intro addendums attached to make sure everything makes some degree of sense to the unknown reader.  I guess we’ll see how it goes.

Following is a post I wrote in 2009 as I finally got around to using Blogger to write my rants instead of MySpace (and email directed to the American media and intelligence community prior to that), but that quickly devolved into using Facebook and Twitter instead on the presumption that at some point they would iron-out and evolve the platform technology enough that I could just download all my contributions in their contextual entirety into some form that could be repackaged as a book…but it hasn’t happened yet, so I guess I’m just going to have to REALLY try and get more professional with my formatting, organizing, and constructively contributing if I actually want to do something to profit from it instead of just giving all my ideas and time away.

At any rate…here’s where I was at in February of 2009…let’s see what I had to say (with minor correctional edits since I’m actually reading my own writing for the first time and addressing any typos or grammar fails I notice).

Firing up the afterburners…

Howdy kids!

So, here we go again apparently…

I am officially starting my blog over again and using this new Blogger location as the transitional location between MySpace and most likely going through the effort to start using WordPress (I heard it was the best, most flexible option). In certain circles I assume my reputation precedes me, but anyone who knows me knows I am an exceptionally cool person and friend to have, so even if some of my more radical theories and preaching about how to save the world from the status quo strike you as WTF-ish, fear not, for that is exactly the point.

I have a tendency to approach things from unusual angles in order to encourage healthy debate above and beyond the bilateral sides that are all-too-often presented by most who do not think for themselves much less outside the proverbial box. Although my writings in the past have developed something of a cult-like following, I never displayed them in a professional format nor tried to actually engage the marketing efforts to capitalize on them, however, with the addition of my radio and TV training to the mix, I will try to aim my commentaries and content in that direction in the future.

I just discovered the Fox News Strategy Room and online live feed today, so it seemed like an obvious way to rejoin the debate. Here’s the email I just sent entitled “Logic?”.

Why not run the “stimulus package” through an efficiency screen to calculate the relative “bang for the buck” of each component individually. If the idea is to create employment to prevent people from falling through the proverbial cracks, then the idea would be to use any money spent as efficiently as possible.

Assess the “cost per job” of various components, then determine which, if any, components have the ability to create jobs that will create a system/structure that will create more jobs. I hate to say it, but after taking an inventory on how globalization is affecting the American standard of living, perhaps some Ron Paul-esque protectionist strategies need to be implemented until the system is re-stabilized and can be built on a more solid foundation.

Rather than further separating the people into the “haves” and “have-nots”, is there a way to restructure the system to simply create a proportional, percentage-based downgrade in lifestyle?

On an unrelated note, I think if Hollywood is given money, it should do double-duty and be allocated to create specific educational programming to be used in schools and prisons. The money should NOT be allowed to create more “junk food” distractionary (yes, I know that isn’t technically a word) entertainment when there are so many glaring holes where it is needed to improve the collective standard of society and America’s ability to compete on the global scale.

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