Top Secret 4 Google

As crazy as this is going to sound…the other night I had a vision of my grandson.  My grandson that doesn’t exist yet.  My grandson that doesn’t exist yet as a 50-something year-old man.  He was an extremely friendly, intelligent, kind, and “advanced” (if you will) specimen of a human being (at least compared to what our world randomly churns out at this point.)  I was extremely impressed with his caliber as a being, and I asked him “How did you turn out so great?”  His reply?  “The system you created.”

Here it goes…

Hello Google!

I couldn’t help but notice Matthew Epstein got so far as to score a couple job interviews with you guys just in creating the specialized website, cheesy beyond words pantless gimmick and all, so I figure it’s not unreasonable that I could at least possibly acquire an interview or two myself based on the sheer believed brilliance of my ideas alone.  Some of you may have heard of me through the grapevine in relation to a semi-top secret writing project I’m the creator of and have been running in between the lines of Hollywood and D.C. for the last five years or so, but as chance would have it, that has nothing to do with the ideas I’ve been collecting to present you with, so I guess you’ll just have to consider them, and me, on merit alone.  Well, O.K., this idea I’m about to detail for a “social network” platform alternative does in fact play a key role in some other grandiose plans I have to save the world, and working with/for Google would be completely awesome as there are many other projects I’d like to work on with the brain trust, collaborative culture, and digital omnipresence your company has created over the past 13 years, but I’ll get into that as we go.

First, the goods:

“Google Realm”

O.K.  Cute name.  What else does it do?  To that I answer, “everything.”  And it lets you keep it.  In my passive observation of the evolution of “social networking” technology over the last few years, I couldn’t help but notice some glaring oversights in the approach the existing “giants” are taking, your superlative organization included.  Truth be told, there is noting magical or all that impressive on the market, which makes it ripe for overtaking, as I presume you realized in the second or third generation attempt in creating Google Plus, and prior to that Wave and Buzz.

Yes Google, you are king.  Facebook and Twitter are indeed cool toys in our global society’s seeming desperate need for a digital, internet-based means of connecting, but on the historical timeline, I would argue those are nothing but the Model T of where the true power of this concept can lead, and there’s all sorts of room for improvement, and that’s what leaves the door wide open and your company uniquely positioned to finally take a new approach and hopefully get it right this time.

As they say, the 3rd 4th time’s the charm!

First, allow me to explain my personal use of “social networking” technology, and why the other options presently in existence are falling well short of what I need it to do and what it could be capable of, which is not “social networking” at all, but rather recording and packaging my time invested using the site and offering me equity in the time I have spent there.  Over the course of the last few years of this “writing project” of mine, I’ve been using the various social media platforms as more of a digital log to find interesting content links and write millions of words of commentary on as well as collect pictures from my life, have conversations, and even selectively stay in touch with certain people, so on and so forth.  Nothing rare or exceptional there.  *Except* for the fact that I’ve written millions of words in what was designed to be a “living book” that parallels what’s going on in the media and around the world as my top secret project shows its cute little face hidden between the lines of countless TV shows and conversations…and what do I have to show for it?  Nothing.

What’s the best I can possibly expect from Facebook, Twitter, or any of the countless other social media platforms (that would not work equally as well because they don’t have the near monopoly-like reach of the “big two” at this point) in exchange for the hours, and days, and years I’ve poured into using their platforms to invest my time and genius in?  An unformatted text file from Facebook?  That hardly provides the necessary context or format to truly convey the story of what I was doing all that time.  Backing-up everything I do via Social Safe and then somehow hoping/expecting to create a book from that?  Also without the necessary context to truly convey the story well-enough to sell.  Twitter only remembering 2000 tweets back of the over 33,000 I’ve written thus far?  FAIL.

Oh wait!  And they will allow me to be secretly spied on and sell all my information too?!  All without even being able to offer me a tangible anything for all of that precious time I’ve invested using their platforms? Because there aren’t any better options on the market?!!!  Weak.

*enter Google Realm*

What if, through a brand with the power, recognition, and reach of Google, another different, better option was on the table?

What if, through using Google’s existing arsenal of labs and other platforms, all the tools I needed to properly record, convey, and broadcast my ideas and life were there instead, in one convenient online “suite?”

What if, not only did this magic tool let me continue to use social networking in the existing ways all the other platforms already do, it also was designed to let me essentially keep a well-formatted story-like record of all the time I spent online “sharing” so that it could be easily transferred from the online realm into book or video format, to be preserved and passed on to all future generations?

Yes Google, I need/WANT a platform that records my life and the time I spend online “socially networking” and interacting with others, and I don’t just want it recorded in some half-assed way and secretly given to the militarized police state intelligence community for their own nefarious purposes, I want to bring the entire equation full-circle, and add a lot of value-added benefits and incentives at the same time.

As a matter of fact, I want to create a Universal digital platform that can be used as the “foundation in the sky” for an entirely new civilization and technology-based form of government and society that can be used to eliminate all the social ills our world and human experience is presently facing.

I want a platform that every single human on this Earth, with nothing more than a computer or digital device and internet connection, can use to have a seat at the “singularity” table, and in doing so not be ignored or forgotten by the rest.

I want a platform where EVERYONE has the opportunity to tell and share their story, and not only that, I want to give them the suite of tools to do it, in one place, for free, and in addition to that, I want to give them the ultimate incentive model to do so, up to and including a New World Global Google Currency.

(There, I said it.  Sorry, that was one of the “side projects” I wanted to work on in addition to a new Google brand of technology-based/assisted global governance…but we’ll get to that.)

Here’s the “crazy” part – all the tools, the technology, the dire need and desire – they’re all are already there.  We have them; they just aren’t being conceived or used properly…or at least not remotely to their full potential.  Yet.

Why didn’t Google+ take over the social networking game in one fell swoop?

That’s where Google Realm comes in.  And why I’d like to work for/with you on developing this project.

Let’s face it, sadly, just like Buzz and Wave, Google Plus hasn’t exactly pwned the competition yet.  Why?  Because it’s simply trying to do something Facebook and Twitter have already done.  It’s offering people nothing but an additional, even if slightly better, alternative, but it’s not catching fire, because people are already established on Facebook and Twitter and such, and they don’t need another version of the same thing.  It’s redundant.  Although highly imperfect, Facebook and Twitter serve their purpose.  People are already signed up and all their friends already use them as the default option (group influence has crazy insane power…just look at religion), so adding another much less expecting the herd to voluntarily-switch-without-compelling-reason or incentive to a different default option is not how human habitual behavior works.  And even if they/I did fully switch and start using Google Plus instead, would it give me a living testament of my life to hand to my grandchildren to say “Here’s what I was doing in parallel with history when the world was burning down back in 2012?”  Nope.

So that untapped market for innovation is still there, and wide-open to be taken advantage of.  Something that can only be done by a company with your size, and scale, and toybox full of companies and applications.

So, beyond this whole “suprabrand” of government I have hypothetically and specifically conceptually created to save the world from the other designs on the table and humanity from its own idiocy, what specific component starting pieces do I have in mind for Google Realm?

The new perspective approach.  You aren’t selling people another “social networking” platform.  Although that will clearly be incorporated into it, what you are creating and selling is “priceless digital life foundations in the sky.”  You’re selling people a place to exist, and the tools to format and record their existence in that parallel Universe that can live on for all eternity.  You’re selling them a way of solving all the problems in the world using technology, the catch is, every one has to get on the same page (platform) first, and from there that platform can be linked to replace all existing government constructs and even money, but this is obviously not some cheesy 140 characters or less type of sh7t.  This is a digital biographer, a teacher, a guide, a designer – everything, all wrapped up into one cute little package to ultimately be offered and made available to every single human life on this planet as a way of insuring and saving mankind from itself and its presently ancient and dangerous ways.  If this construct existed instead of what historically has, none of the wars on this planet would have ever been possible, much less the world wars, and it would be really nice to install this in time to prevent WWIII.  Seriously. It will ultimately result in a common language, and common global heritage of an advanced civilization, but things have to be seen looking from the future backwards, not from the crazy random way in which history and mankind has evolved up until this point.

Instead of just offering the ability to upload photos and video, also include by default a set of semi-pro editing tools for people to tweak them in that same process if not forum.  Once they are logged into Realm, it’s a one stop solution for everything.  Except for pros doing super-complicated stuff, people won’t need to use or buy Photoshop, Final Cut, iMovie, etc. – your version of all those tools would and could be there for them to use in their “Realm Experience,” at the same time automatically teaching them the basic skills required to operate your brand of editing, organizing, and autobiographically documenting tools, all the while keeping them there as your bread and butter ads pop up in the margins or whatever.

From the core of the design, create a template that will allow people to package and share as much or as little of what they create as they want to, but not just in digital format.  Design it so that people have the option to download and print or have professionally published their life stories, or at least the time and bits and pieces of them they’ve shared via Realm.  Make it visible.  Make it tangible.  Make it easily found and searchable.  Give them (us) EQUITY for our time invested in using the platform.  Far more importantly, in my global redesign plans and in hypothetically switching over to a fully digital and *transparent* currency, peoples’ Realm profiles and autobiographical stories could become the basis by which they are given credit for life itself as the existing self-corrupting capitalist models are inevitably overridden by far more fair and human valuation systems and the unstoppable exponential evolution of technology.

“It was the machines…”  BE that machine.

Profit should not be the most important consideration nor driving factor for human existence.  Life itself and the quality of that life should be.  If people have been wronged or abused by the system, this could become the official forum for people to share and tell their true life stories and be given “adjustment credit” for them to rebuild, thus wiping the completely corrupt and gamed financial foundations of our present system of control and (undeniable wage) slavery right out from underneath it.  It’s amazing what people will do when simply given proper credit for what they are doing, and when linked with RFID technology, surveillance technology, and a far superior brand and design of governance, this could become the ultimate unifying platform for all humanity.

You got a better idea?

OK, OK *reels self back in a bit* I know these grandiose schemes of mine might be a bit much to be bringing up in the context of a simple proposal regarding some social media platform upgrades, but the point of mentioning all this is, I’m thinking “comprehensive endgame strategy” in everything I do, and honestly there’s a whole lot more where that came from and a whole lot more to it, but for the purposes of this exercise I would argue it is far better to be thinking comprehensively into an infinitely sustainable Utopian future than shortsightedly and in limited context from where the world presently stands.  My apologies for the long sentences.  Buckminster Fuller had the same problem.

So where was I…oh yes, value-adding features and a comprehensive new approach to seeing the use of social networking technology within the context of human civilization.

I know, I know, my “designs” for this “supra” social media platform are very much beginning to make it sound like they are just a way of having everyone create their own personalized blogs that are all linked together…and that’s essentially what it is…with a whole, whole, whole bunch of other stuff tied in.  But there in lies the catch.  Right now many people have created their own unique blogs using a variety of different platforms and templates, but it’s still the vast minority in comparison to how many people are online, use social media routinely, or exist on this planet.

Furthermore, this idea would essentially be directly guiding everyone into formatting the time they spend online into this “supra realm” format, and in doing so, not only would it link them together, it would allow us to create what boils down to nothing less than a global real-time autobiography project, the uses for which are all but infinite in terms of being a tool to save the world.

Think about it.  By taking the social media concept to the next level and automatically formatting the time people spend online browsing and sharing, not only would you give them something tangible that they could revisit at will and pass on to future generations, you would be creating a record of real-time history at one of the most pivotal times since the beginning of civilization.  That’s invaluable.  That’s priceless.  That’s epic.  Better yet create a platform that can automatically, retroactively piece-together and display peoples’ online histories of the last few decades for them.  Like what Facebook has started to offer with its Timeline feature, but automatically, times 100.

Even better, if you designed the right mechanisms, you could let people retroactively transfer all the time and energy they poured into Facebook, Twitter, etc., and once they’ve got that credit for all the time they already invested into those inferior platforms, why would they ever think of continuing to use the old ones?  Provide transferrable equity and you’re golden.  Make people the stars of their own lives, because it’s the only one we get.  With additional innovations and transitions in the world and entertainment, such a design could even innovate Hollywood out if existence.  Who needs actors or the Kardashians when your own life in relation to the singularity is better than any movie or video game?  The future is lots of people creating and sharing their own content, not just consuming the nonsense Hollywood fabricates.  That’s just the tail end of a 19th century system, and I’m looking at how the future of human civilization will work instead.

It could prevent wars.  It could diffuse riots.  It could rescue the homeless.  It could replace schools with free education.  It could be the platform from which to create a new global language and record the real life stories of these billions of people, from kings to peasants, and create a brand new civilization.  (actually, in concert with a bunch  of other “Wyzard Project” elements, that’s what it’s designed to do)

Instead of having people just wander the internet as the CIA, NSA, and sister organizations surreptitiously record what they do, why not give them a fighting chance to self-correct their own choices by providing the option where Google will offer to passively track and selectively integrate what they do and publish into their own “living testament?”  What if from there, we could create a global Realm-based story project, that could include but provide a way of rising above all existing religions and national indoctrination constructs, and have the entire thing based in truth, reality, and built with their very own self-chosen tracks left across the internet?

I personally would love nothing more than a singular, comprehensive, superlative platform that essentially captured and automatically formatted everything I look at and do online (and IRL) so that I could later revisit my actions in relation to the events of world history that happen on a daily basis, but the option just doesn’t exist yet.  Along those same lines, in the same way that security cameras work, by making it clear people should not have the illusion of privacy while online, we could possibly get mankind to automatically correct its own behavior.  Call it paranoia/celebrity autocorrection with credit, in that, if people think they are being watched, or know what they are doing will be recorded and added to their “testament,” they most likely choose more wisely and better than they would otherwise, and in doing so, might even save their own lives.  Is it not certainly much better that allowing Google to be labeled as one of the “police state spy organizations” who tracks everyone’s every move without telling them about it?

Alright, I may be exaggerating a bit there, because who knows what’s actually being recorded and what isn’t (*snerk*), but in gradually transitioning towards a more advanced civilization through using technology to address and correct those humans presently abusing technology and the design of the systems as they presently exist, I think a concept such as this could be the silver bullet.  Although I planned to have my yet-to-be-created global brand of supragovernment create such a platform for everyone to have the highly encouraged and incentivized option of using, since the technology already exists and Google was going to be my go-to organization to create such a product anyway, why not just do it now and get ahead of everyone with the ultimate “endgame” solution?

Wipe out crime.  Sort the good from the bad from the ugly.  Do it all in an open, transparent, encouraged, rewarded, and glorified way.  All the evils of the world are committed through lies and secrecy on one level or another, and by gradually, gently removing those expectations of places to hide from the digital realm, all the better specimens among us would openly welcome such a concept while the more shady elements would shy away, and right there you have the first test sorting mechanism, in the very construction of the platform itself.  The bad guys want to hide what they do.  The good guys want credit for what they do.  By saying “here’s the ultimate platform to get credit for your true existence,” the very way individuals react to and use it alone will tell you volumes about what kind of characters you’re dealing with.

In the same way the internet and existing social media technology has “leveled the playing field” in may regards, this supra platform would provide the ultimate means of doing that once and for all, the entire world around.  And while we’re there, why not integrate Second Life-type elements into it where people could literally build their own “castles in the sky” to create a visual and explorable representation of all their life’s information they choose to include.  Instead of having nothing or little to show for a day spent talking to friends and visiting various websites online, they could add a new room or gallery to their castle everyday.  One that might never be revisited by them or others, but then again, one that very well might, could be invaluable, and wouldn’t be there to explore if no one had created the technology to do it so passively and seamlessly.  Would your super-intelligent grandkids not find exploring their grandparent’s online history as it happened the coolest thing ever?

You could even integrate peoples’ mobile devices into it (something I plan to issue to everyone on planet Earth for free at some point as part of this digital singularity project), and in doing so allow them to view the data of where they go and what they do everyday.  Much more importantly, I plan to use technology to ‘game’ the experience of life itself.  Sure, life could go on existing just the way it does now, but with this Disney/Google-grade brand of technology-not-politician-based “supragovernment” I have envisioned, using RFID chips and GPS tracking, we could integrate all kinds of cool Easter Egg like surprises into the real world, which would make life a lot more fun that it is now.  The sky Space is the limit as to what is possible.

What’s great about this concept is it would/could take the ball out of the hands of the militarized and divided constructs that are presently responsible for so much of the misery of all the populations that must suffer under such types of thinking.  Our world is literally built on ancient and insane foundations, and no matter which side of a line you happened to be born onto, is that really fair to any of the living beings involved?  This supra platform is specifically a way around that, and I would argue that’s a very good thing if you happen to be one of the innocent unborn souls yet to be brought into this world.

As I mentioned before, this is just one facet of a comprehensive technology-based design to “save the world” I’ve been working on for the last decade, but this tool could easily be used to eliminate all war and militaries on this planet if used correctly, and that’s something you can’t put a price on.

“Don’t be evil” right?  Well, we could simply build a world where being evil is no longer an option.  There.  Problem solved.

Alright, I’ve rambled enough.  This is only one of a myriad of ideas I’ve been saving up during my 35 years on this planet, but it was one that I feel Google is uniquely positioned to capitalize on and manifest.  I realize much of what I’ve touched on goes far beyond just beating Facebook and Twitter at the social media game, but that’s just the nature of my designs, so I hope you won’t find it too crazy that I’ve gone so far and beyond in thinking-out what can be achieved with the technology we presently have to play with.  Actually, if you find all my ideas about a world without militaries and ideas for a global “supragovernment” interesting, you can look at the work-in-progress rough draft of +he WYZARD projec+ itself at:  The password is: thatutopia

Like everyone else, I would absolutely love to work for Google, simply because of the way it approaches business, work culture, innovation, and problem solving, but unfortunately I didn’t take a traditional route out of college, and so therefore I’m not someone that’s easily fit into one specific role or traditional job title.  If anything, on the strength of my ideas and creative thinking ability alone I was hoping you might be willing to consider me for some sort of creative consultant role to work on projects like this (or the myriad of other ideas I have piled up and waiting to implement), but I realize I’m not just competing to be a programmer or some far more common position, I’m essentially just an “ideas guy.”  An ideas guy who could really, really, really appreciate and love the right team of people to work with in putting some of my grandiose ideas into action.

Speaking of highly unusual skills that can’t be easily quantified or put on a resume, my claim to fame is I’m the creator of a semi-top-secret “embedded” research and writing project that has been existing between the lines within American entertainment for the last 5 years…but unfortunately since it uses top-secret mechanisms within the intelligence community (like reverse-engineering Operation Mockingbird to install a secret theme/meme narrative hidden in plain sight) and is completely mind-boggling in its scale and scope, it’s not exactly something I can easily mention without sounding crazy.

If anything, I would simply ask that this proposal not get ‘filtered out’ by interns manning Google’s proposal submission without at least getting mentioned to the owners and CEO first.  Just mention “Allen wrote us a letter and wants a job.”  It’s a huge world, but yet it’s a very small world in certain circles.  I presume if they know enough about me and my other creative world domination exploits, they’ll find a way to be creatively inventive in bringing me into the fold and making up a position for me somewhere regardless of how piss poor this first draft social media specific proposal is…because they know I’ve got an entire arsenal of marketing and other world unifying ideas where this came from.

Thanks for your time and hopefully taking the time to read this!


– A –

P.S.  (unrelated) Don’t suppose y’all would be interested in a puppet tiger as a mascot? (see the videos)  Ha.

P.P.S.  I’ve been praying to the powers that be I could get the minds at Google to help me design a new brand of global government for the last decade.  I guess my praying ( hasn’t been working well enough to make it happen yet, so consider this appealing to you guys directly.  🙂  All I want is to stop being forced to live in what I’ve loving termed “the Modern Dark Ages.”  Is that too much to ask?  I’ve even designed the blueprints on how to address and correct everything, I just don’t have anyone I can show them to.  Yet.  Humor me?

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