OK, OK…so I have a thing with customized license plates.  I think they’re cool.  Frankly I don’t understand how the vast majority of my fellow human beings can invest the kind of capital they do in a vehicle and not take the opportunity to write some clever or cool message to the masses on them, but that’s just me.  Nonetheless, I think some are cute or cool enough to take pictures of when I randomly stumble across them.

Once upon a time I even wrote the synopsis of a pilot called “Jesus and the CIA” where one of the amusing facets of the storyline was God or the CIA or pure coincidence randomly putting custom license plates in front of Jesus “Bruce Almighty style” to help guide him on his adventures trying to save 21st century America from itself, but that’s another story.

I have more ideas for cool license plates than I will ever have enough cars to put them on, and although I don’t have any on my vehicles at the moment because I’m unemployed and therefore too poor to justify such vanity, I still think they’re cool and take pictures of those that standout whenever they cross my path.

Read or don’t read whatever you want into them.  Without context it’s not quite as much fun, but such is life.

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