+he WYZARD projec+

A technological antidote.

And so it begins…

For those completely in the dark, “The Wyzard Project” is one of the many working codenames (America1, Earth1, The ZeuX (ZooX) Project…the list goes on) for a 5-10 year-long project of mine to design a comprehensive technology-based advanced civilization to “save the world.”  It is a problems-based approach, and since there are a myriad of problems facing the world as we presently know it, obviously my one-stop-shop solution to fix them all is going to take a little time to explain, but no worries, I don’t love typing so I’ll try to make conveying my myriad of synchronized solutions as short, sweet, and simple as possible.

To start, here’s a brief list of the problems we’re facing that I quickly jotted down:

Peak Oil – For any of you that haven’t done your homework, a quick search on Google should do the trick.  But it’s not just that we’re running out of oil, it’s that we’re completely burning/wasting a highly valuable non-renewable natural resource, that, oh, I don’t know, the entire future of life on this planet might like to have to use far more efficiently to build and create any number of things that burning it for temporary and artificial profit as we presently are isn’t going to allow unless we stop…soon.

Disconnected Currency – Blah, blah, blah the law of diminishing returns and the “relative” nature of existence itself taken to absurd and grotesquely disconnected levels as the numbers involved in paying human beings for their time and energy is distorted to completely fantasy-like and marketing propaganda extremes in the pursuit of artificial constructs of happiness as millions if not billions needlessly suffer as a consequence in the wake.  Life itself is the only miracle.  A soulless currency and purely profit-driven motive for human existence is not a completely intelligent approach to existence…as it’s exploitive at the core, and when you throw in the fiat currency and fractional reserve model as the basis of even keeping score, much less the ability to destroy otherwise infinitely valuable resources and populations for profit, it’s no wonder the world is in such tragic condition, both psychologically and circumstantially.

Blinded/Inverted Designs – At present, there is little line of sight or first-person connection between the cause and effect of events in the world.  This ignorance coupled with a highly destructive, profit-driven system that does not see the consequences of its actions is not only devastating to any number of things, it is foolish and shameful beyond words as at some point when the finite planet runs out there will be nothing left for humankind to destroy but itself.  Furthermore, the inverted use of language to mask, justify, and deny the wrongs that are being committed only allows the wrongs that are being committed to worsen exponentially.  If you cannot accurately see what’s going on and what the problems are, how can the necessary mechanisms even be contrived to address and fix them?

Ancient War-like Adversarial Foundations – Being born into this realm on one side of an arbitrary geographic line or the other presently is responsible for the justification to align man against man and create such atrocities as nuclear weapons that, in essence, kill our own simply because of the ancient world foundations and mentalities our present civilization is built on.  Multiple wrong ideologies arguing, threatening, and killing doesn’t make any of them right.  This is beyond absurd, and although many may have been easily and well-indoctrinated into helplessly believing whichever side of whichever line they were born into is the best and aligning themselves against what’s on the other side of the line as “the enemy,” this is simply, in two words, “crazy think” brought about by existing in a world built on dark ages foundations where men did not have the ability to communicate with and know each other personally.  This has resulted in the creation of different languages, different religions, and different cultures all leading to the belief that we are different and these differences are worth blindly killing for, but the advances in communication technology can solve all that if used correctly.  Fighting along ideological lines is one thing if one group or person is behaving in a self-serving way that threatens the well-being of all the other people involved, but fighting along national or completely fiction-based religious lines is simply insanity manifested.

Unsustainable Cultural and Social Design Trajectories – Take a look at the population growth chart of planet Earth and what you will see is a simply unsustainable and all-out foolish model.  Unfortunately the vast majority of human beings seemingly cannot be expected to think for themselves or see “the bigger picture” when deciding to exponentially reproduce, and that is what has lead to this cancerous-like expansion without reason.  Throw in those ancient world fiction-based religious texts and a artificial monetary profit-driven need for constant growth and expansion actually encouraging such mindless reproductive behavior, and what you have isn’t the recipe for progress, it’s the recipe for suicide.  Take down the naturally balanced ecology of planet Earth, countless animals, and all those precious non-renewable resources that were designed to last life on planet Earth to infinity, and what you have is moronic intellectually blind human ape genocide of the very miraculous world that we were all blessed with the chance to live in and pass on for eternity.

Poor Quality/Condition Avatars/Experiences – If life itself is the only miracle, should the experience of it and capabilities of the physical vessel you were born into not be top-notch in every possible way?  The more gifted and intelligent a being is, especially in terms of humanity and our God-like control over things, the more capable that being is of solving problems and improving the quality of life and the environment it exists in, not just for itself, but for all those it comes into contact with.  It is the great minds of our species that have invented the technology that we have used to improve our quality of the experience of life, but due to the lack of oversight in the present governing systems, the quality of specimens reproducing seem to actually have devolved in many cases.  Not only are those far-less-evolved specimens consuming the same amount of food and resources that a far more advanced being would consume, if not more, they are becoming an increasing burden that the more advanced beings and the fruit of their abilities must take care of.  We’ve all seen Jerry Springer and the general condition of much of what gets put on TV these days.  It’s funny when there is no perceived cost to such uselessness, foolishness, and ignorance – but when there is, at a direct cost to you and a highly advanced state of existence for all, it’s not so funny anymore.  What’s worse, when those lower-minded beings get their hands on the technology higher-minded beings have created and use it to kill, enslave, devolve, and harm the masses at large, you have a real and painfully ironic problem spreading.  Life itself is nothing but self-evolving technology.  Although many are capable and have done their part to selectively and responsibly mate, and in doing so promoted evolution towards an advanced being and quality of life as presumably The Creator’s blueprints envisioned, due to the artificial realm  and artificial, largely unsupervised policies of the present overarching government structures, there has also been much genetic deadweight accumulating while no one was paying attention.  Furthermore, advances in technology will quickly be removing the need for low-skill/ability roles within our society, and unless the present system is redesigned, it will quickly approach being unable to sustain all human life presently on this planet.  A very grim, ugly, and foolishly cannibalizing outcome that should be avoided ahead of time at all costs if at all humanly possible.

The Animal Factor – Although humans are nothing more than one species of animal, due to the fact that most other animals are below us (as far as we can perceive), and they cannot speak for themselves or possibly fight the overwhelming power our technological advances have given us, not only is the existing system destroying the quality and experience of life for billions of humans, billions more animals suffer at the hands of our primitive God-like control over them.  This must change.

Wasteful Designs – In keeping with the theme harped on in many of the above bullet points, our present model for conditioned human existence is completely destructive and wasteful, not only of resources, but of itself because of the inefficient and outdated foundations it is built on.  The human animal naturally was designed to exist in the myriad of different examples we can see from ancient civilizations, civilizations that were leaving none of the cancer-like scars on the environment that our present system does.  It’s one thing to exist and walk back and forth to work everyday and lead a simple, happy, sustainable, functional life.  It’s something else entirely to have become used to the power of using fossil-fueled cars and airplanes, and not just for necessity, but for mindless pleasure that is leaving a footprint on this world all future life on this planet will never forget.  Designing a commuter-based model on fossil fuel-based transportation between one building that is considered “home” and one that is considered “work,” each of which is only occupied half the time, is certainly not the most intelligent of schemes, but coming from those dark ages foundations where the technology was created with no thought given to the consequences of using and abusing that technology will quickly become evident in the generations to come.  What’s worse, designing and encouraging packaging and consumption for waste-based profit fits right in with that recipe for eventual suicide.  We have designed a system and become conditioned to living in a world that is highly convenient yet completely unnecessary for true happiness, and the flip side of that is, when things start running out there will be a lot of unforeseen unhappiness and regret that the foundational systems of our civilizations and cultures were not designed far more intelligently.  How ironic would it be to sit in the future looking backwards and thinking “Wow, those isolated 3rd world tribes were doing better all along.”  Without infinite sustainability at the core of all our designs as happens in nature, we are setting ourselves, if not future generations of ourselves, up for great misery and regret.

So now you’re thinking, Christ Allen, that was a pretty brutal condemnation of the “modern” world.  I like riding in airplanes to go places I don’t really *need* to go, just because it’s the way things are.  Well yeah, I do too.  The problem is I’ve been doing enough research to realize there is an unseen cost for every action we take, and some things cost a lot more than others in the long run.  Don’t make your future children and your children’s children hate you, just take this opportunity to learn what’s really going on and start taking baby steps back from the edge of unsustainable humanity.  What’s better, I’ll give you Historical Story Credit for it.

But how?  When we live in a socially conditioned world that essentially forces us to all be part of this system, how do we have any choice to not participate while still remaining normal, much less truly enjoying life and being cool?  *ding*ding*ding*  This is why it isn’t just you and I that must become aware and change accordingly, it’s the entire world and system that controls us that must become aware and change as well…and THAT in turn will change the people, who will change each other and the world for the better.  That is what this master plan is all about, as crazy as it sounds to say – literally redesigning the world.

The goal: A sustainable model with the best quality of life and highest levels of happiness possible for each and every life brought into it.

Luckily, coming from where we’re at, I don’t think it will even be that difficult, for all the tools and resources we need are there, and all it takes is “reprogramming” the human population to the correct protocol.  No more wasted lives.  No more needless misery.  No more living under fear and threat and artificial realities.  All it takes is intelligence, creativity, reason, and the desire to do so, and since I’ve spent the better part of the last 10 years addressing these issues and the specific “how” of how this would be done, I’ve come up with a fairly comprehensive plan that would at least be an excellent starting place for all other ideas and arguments to be measured off of.

No more war.  No more militarized conflict or the justification of spending precious resources on the justification of “defense.”  No more drug war.  No more war on poverty.  No more charities – for there will be no need for them.  No more orphans.  No more lies, fear, offensive secrecy and the hatred it engenders.

The hell we live in is but a symptom of the systems that created it.

It’s not just a new brand of government or “religion” I’m proposing.  It’s a new brand of Society.  A new brand of Civilization.  A new brand of Life itself.

The components:

Quick explanation of a key term I use frequently in the following paragraphs: A “supra construct” is a construct that doesn’t yet exist in the world as we know it, but one that is designed to go across all existing lines within whatever field it’s applied to while taking an “above” perspective, as if you’re “God” just trying to solve the puzzle of human existence, not getting caught up in or arguing it from any one side of the conflict/problem.

America1/Earth1 – A nod to the foundational “supranaming” construct that would initially have every country, organization, or name add a “1” suffix to signify support and inclusion in the new world design while continuing to keep their existing ways in the interim.  Provides the opportunity to acquire the necessary accurate data to solve the world’s problems without interrupting the existing systems.  Essentially like signing-up for a research project that takes an intense interest in each individual and their quality of life in relation to/within existing systems and then works with each individual to reverse-engineer, deconstruct, and address specifc designs and forced behaviors that are counter intuitive to an acceptable quality of life and reasonable happiness within the human experience of life on Earth.  Adopts a comprehensive Second Life-type model that accounts for everything and everyone in existence to create an optimized design.  The naming concept originally came from the truth and reason-based religion I created called “Religion1,” where the 1 represents the logic-based way in which numbers work in addition to the belief that we are all part of “1” system, as well as each being “1” individual within it.  The purpose being to constantly remind people that we all exist and are therefore “1” component of the greater whole, but like all systems, including life itself, if components do no exist honestly and in their intended logical functions, then the entire lifeform can become compromised, dysfunction, and perish as a result.

Sylvr Force – A “supraconstruct” that crosses all existing lines by providing custom-tailored options for membership and inclusion without disrupting the existing systems in place.  Designed to aid, help, and improve the quality of all life on Earth and the myriad of environments in which it exists.  Education and assistance-based.  Inclusive of all military, fire, police, medical, and civilians from all countries to design our world away from a seperated, militarized, self-destructive and wasteful model to a dynamic yet unified global human culture.  New uniforms and specific symbolic styles will be created from each country and organization with common unifying themes and designs.  Patches and stripes given, Boy Scouts style, for knowledge and specialities possessed along with credit for education gained from a documentary-based model of advanced knowledge acquired.  A proactive education and goodwill organization that reaches out to and visits every human life on the planet with the set of advanced knowledge and one-stop-shop capabilities for addressing every human need moving forward.  Replaces the role of religious organizations while still allowing members to retain their existing religions if they so choose.

LegoZ – A digital platform-based way of assessing individuals on a case-by-case basis along character and quality of life standards.  Implements the full-circle use of surveillence technology to analyze choices and preferences when given completely free choice online, and, to varying extents, in the real world.  Creates “mindprints” of everyone from which to base custom-tailored designs.  Based from a Google Realm-like platform that represents a comprehensive digital identity of each individual that is an autobiographical account, both voluntarily contributed and passively observed and recorded, of their life itself.  Would provide a virtual “seat at the singularity table” for every individual participating.  Would ultimately account and plan for every human life on planet Earth, in the interim it could be considered the ultimate diagnostic tool.

Singular Transparent Digital Currency – Equity for life based.  Non-usury financial model.  Gives credit for all time and effort invested throughout the duration of each life.  Accounts can be “ReZeroed,” reset, and credited as necessary to provide an intuitive individual situation-by-situation solution to individual lives in relation to the conditions on planet Earth based on an open forum established set of rules and criteria designed to save lives and encourage the correct/necessary types of behavior and discourage improper behavior.  Credit given for good behavior as citizens outside of just traditional work roles.  Provides an efficiency-based foundation for survival along simplified, stratified ranks of accomplishment and station in life.  Computer platform-based.  Solid+individualized fiat-based with no need to associate with any existing currency system or precious metal-backed monetary system designs.  Wealth is seen and considered within the comparative quality of life standard.

New Foundation and Stratified Existence Model – Establishes a far more solid bare minimal foundation for human life to prevent any human from “falling through the cracks” or being forced to endure slave labor-like conditions for survival while also creating a cap for human accomplishment after which the acquisition of further wealth is impossible, unnecessary, and therefore pointless, causing the affected humans to refocus their time and ability towards more noble pursuits while still being able to enjoying the luxury of the finest goods and services our global society can produce.  Ensures every human life brought into this realm a fair shot at existence and upward social mobility based on their performance and contributions towards the betterment of our civilization.  Eliminates the needless and pointless financially predatory positions presently in existence and all the waste and social destruction they cause.  Uses first-person-based examples based on human adaptation and relativity with direct comparison to the quality of life endured by all past and hypothetical future generations of human life on Earth.  Based/justified by the unprecedented power of technology and its ability to assist, illustrate, and guilt-by-direct-comparison all humans into volunatry adoption of the new system and heart-felt overwhelming acceptance of it.  Proactive technology-based replacement of all human roles possible.  We are here to enjoy life and maximize the experience of life, not just work for work’s sake.  Also, as far as the mega-rich go and putting caps on human wealth acquisition…no worries, they can exchange their existing world rank status for top tier passes into the new world design that allow them access to the highest levels of buildings and services the world has to offer.  What’s better than the existing model, although they will only get to “own” one house as their base, all the excess mansions, palaces, yachts, and exotic toys will get pooled into various collections, and their access passes will allow them to share in the variety of seeing and trying out all those other experiences they would never have previously has access to.  Prevents hoarding while maximizing use and value instead of leaving such valuable existing assets acquired, locked-up, and less-than-utilized.  If they can share they wives with each other, I would hope to God they can share their toys first.

SupraLicensing – Transitional mechanism from the corrupt and ‘Modern Dark Ages’ systems presently in place in relation to some key spice elements.  Official, transparent, supragovernment (“supraentity”) take over and control of all existing illegal drugs with controlled, safe, intelligent and positive-actions-tied use models and carefully designed options and forums in which to experience their use.  Supralicensing and the option for use requires extensive education, qualification, passive surveillance technology data collection tethering, and agreement only to use the items in question within predesigned and carefully considered context, engineered to harness the power, control it safely, and apply it towards only positive uses and improvements to life and environment.  Specialized amusement park-type areas will be created and suprareligious type projects that harness the power for good while comprehensively protecting people from the dangers of addiction or damage.  Initial stages would provide existing users amnesty in exchange for transparency in their lives and providing an accurate data set from which to design corrective systems from.  Would protect society from all the incalculable harm the existing full-circle-corrupt black market and reality-disconnected propaganda causes while removing such immeasurable power from the hands of evil doers and removing the profit-based model of human drug-based exploitation all together.  Would create a reality/truth/intelligent and safe fun-based non-taboo social environment for everyone to exist in, creating a self-policing society where the knowledge, transparency, improved systems, and appropriate acceptance would protect people from the negative effects of incorrect drug usage while providing a legitimate positive-behavior-connected protocol for those interested in pursuing that aspect of life experience intelligently.  Would truly allow military-like police forces to crackdown on those problematic characters misusing the chemicals and each other outside of the designed system option and send them away to a custom-designed island for comprehensive life rehabilitation where, upon return, with no black market and only a clear and stratified set of options for acquisition and use in its place, falling back into the abyss of loss of self-control would not be an option.  Would actually eliminate the vast majority of tabacco and alcohol use and replace them with far more fun, safe, and socially responsible options for human recreation.

Reuse/Revaluation/Repurposing – Supra prototype construct.  Evaluate all existing buildings, systems, resources, roles, lives, and arrangements and rearrange them for best quality, efficiency, and purpose or eliminate them altogether.  Begin with a bare minimal to complete excess approach without money/profit/ownership as the motivator then reverse-engineer logical best use.  Three day work week guiding foundational design principle.  Elimination of “deadspace,” the term I’ve come up with to describe unused/unoccupied real estate.  Creating products with “soul” that are designed to last as long as possible and be handed down through generations instead of being used once and thrown away or torn down/destroyed and rebuilt for profit.  The focus will be on not wasting material resources at every step of system designs.  In a different world, a sacred canteen could suffice for a lifetime.  Although I know that is an extreme example, the point would be, design perspective-wise, how would such a world be designed differently?  Along those same lines, in a world where fight-for-survival competition was replaced with collaboration and friendly competition, would advertising even need to existence?  How would it exist differently?  Enough so not to name stadiums after corporations and eliminate all those predatory commercials selling words and emotions completely unrelated to the products?  Most likely.

The Utah Option – Polygamy/polygny alternative to the existing solitary nuclear family model option.  Would allow for mutually assisted childrearing, pooling the resources to provide a far more high quality and high efficiency life standard, and far-lower-time/energy-investment-required to responsibly bring life into this realm.  Designed to protect genetics, quality of life, emotional well-being, financial stability, character, and true love above money, adultery, deception, boredom, and/or far more shallow, insincere, and apathetic lifestyle pursuits.  Would eliminate the collateral damage of slash-and-burn serial dating/marriages and the broken lives created in their wake.  Would provide an alternative “elite” option to the open/swinger/fraudulently deceptive/usury “marriages” that plague the upper circles of our society and prevent innocent children from being born into such genetically and behaviorally tangled context.  In combination with the other facets of the comprehensive redesign, would protect against and eliminate sexual exploitation.  Believes the experience of life and love to be the most precious considerations of all, and that they should be pre-accounted-for and truthfully protected before even remotely being conceived into existence.  Protects and preserves youthful innocence and the human experience of life from blindsides and usury/predatory/exploitive mindsets.  Provides an entire close-knit, live-in “team” of parents model to coordinate and share in rearing children to the highest possible standard without becoming over-worked and under-rested.  Gives credit where credit is do for behavior and choices instead of letting a world of sexual predators, liars, and cheaters continue to exist in an “all is fair in love and war” type of world.  Aligns with the matriarchal paradigm shift of the associated suprareligion.

The Celebrity Key – Would literally redefine what’s cool to influence mass acceptance by using, retasking, and supravaluing America’s existing centralized celebrity propaganda machine and global domination of entertainment to distribute and embody the right messages, concepts, and principles.  Guides public opinion and attention towards more noble and important issues and behavioral roles.  If stars cannot speak directly and specifically in the existing system, they can speak in code and adopt pet causes to promote in parallel with their existing public appearances until the new system is fully adopted and in place.

Prototype Palaces – Superlative palaces built to showcase sustainable design concepts.  For the peoples’ use in rotational illustrative context.  Would provide kits and resources for the population to copy and emulate the technology used in their own homes.  Existing old world palaces could also be taken over and turned into museums or converted into hotel-like experiences where people could see and experience the way things used to be.

SupraCorporations – Supra prototype construct that unifies all existing companies within an existing industry under the same banner for collaborative efficiency.  For example, we don’t need 50 different car companies competing with each other for cut-throat style profit and survival. We need a variety of vehicle designs for transportation.  Just take everyone presently working in automotive design and production and put them under the same “supra” umbrella where they can share resources and talent instead of fiercely competing.  Friendly competition and various sub-brands can and still will exist, but it’s the difference between war versus playing a friendly game, and without the need for all that time and money wasted on advertising and chasing profits for survival, what a better world it would be.   Simplify and optimized use of all existing resources and constructs via collaborative synchronization and inclusion rather than wasteful, destructive, or miscatalyzed competition.  Cross-promotion/integration of existing brands could eliminate the need for such a self-destructively competitive design and replace all the advertisements with life-improving/world-and-life-experience-enhancing-art.  Although I hate to mention the Nazis because of all that militarized conquest and murder, what they did in other regards was actually cool and commendable.  For example, the cruise ships that they built or commandeered in the name of the state and then used for vacation-like rewards for all the normal working class members of the population.  That degree of command, control, and collaborative efficiency is what we need in place of individualized, privatized competition for profit, and the winner in all this is the condition of the human species.  If all resorts and megaships were taken over and reallocated under one centralized brand that made the most efficient use of everything to improve the quality of life standard for everyone, what a better world it would be.

The ZooX Project – Approach life as if it were a small world zoo community.  Make sure that zoo design doesn’t have glaring design oversights or evil, and that it is run in the best and most righteous and intelligent way possible given the existing technological level of tools and resources as they presently exist.  Would eliminate existing national borders and countries as we known them to exist and replace them with a singular creature-based approach to designing existence.  In the same way Los Angeles has Koreatown and Chinstown etc. but is all still considered part of the city of Los Angeles within the country of America, everything would just move up one notch, and Korea, China, and America would just be considered cultural subcomponents of the global whole.

Religion 1 “The Brochure” – Supra prototype perceptual construct.  A la carte options from various existing belief systems so long as they are clearly labeled and explained for what they are in a parallel Universe that runs in sync and in supplemental addition to all existing ‘belief-based’ thought construct systems.  Giving people a new, foundational, multi-generational approach to viewing and valuing their existence from a different type of reality-based and credit-given perspective.  “God” is both everything within our comprehension and beyond, not some ancient dark ages imaginary fabrication, so to so matter-of-factly misdesign the meaning of the construct as others have done/been doing is something to be directly addressed.  The “brochure” explanation of life itself.  And the instructions, owner’s manual, and blueprints.

America1 – The global government brand comprehensive naming/renaming/updating mechanism to integrate all existing brands and styles of government while designing customized SlyVR4C (Sylvr Force) operations to measure, analyze, and stylistically/logistically integrate qualifying territories as they become available and vote themselves in, then get ‘reinvented’ under the new, ultimate, unified brand umbrella.  New, unified language based on txt abbreviations and lolcat phonetics.  Cool is cool.

Groups Needed – Virtual real “God” construct (natural, intelligent, sustainable system design) above the existing human justice systems to sue/bounce-case-off-of.  15% of the population to make a token attempt at a start of running a trial version of the concept within existing reality even as it stands.  Humans in key positions of importance and influence within existing systems.

(re)Gaming Existence (T) – Giving people credit for everything they do or don’t do or do instead.  A government that designs open, clear, transparent, cool sh7t and is fun with a sense of humor and soul and that is so proud of their designs they want nothing more then to show off every facet of them in detail.  Cameras and educators and assistance instead of guns and lies.  Make games and sports out of building and preserving instead of destroying and devaluing.

Requests and Demands – 1-for-1 backup default breeding protocol.  Fiat buy-out of would-be breeders by providing large contingency retainer amounts in exchange for temporary/reversible sterilization at birth to ensure against causing any mistakes to innocent life without all the right pieces to the life experience equation in place first.  A focus on quality genetics and protected circumstances above all else.  A “reeducation”/adaptation to become a non-wasteful, non-destructive society.  Products designed and built to have “soul” and longevity that can be used for lifetimes and symbolically passed on rather than be just thrown away or wasted.  Cultural shift into rearrangement of existing living spaces to utilize buildings more efficiently in order to minimize commuting.  A digitally collaborative society rather than one that relies on fossil-based energy daily commutes and real-life presence at meetings and gatherings.  Political party to run for office with.  Relative transparency/translucency. Cat behavior modeling studies (“energy conservation theory”).  Breeding licenses.  Reintegration of hemp as a highly versatile option.  Override purely-price-conscious luxury with “priceless design” type goodwill credit that can be worn as the true badges of honor while “righting” the clothing use/production system/cycle.

#KarynRR Superlative Educational Option Standards and Protocol – Supra prototype construct.  Internet/computer-based learning via sets of ‘best instructors and content’ available as arranged over the internet by an organization like Google or TED.  SylVR4C can assist in the real-life training, but the best possible education and real-life experience options should be carefully designed-out and available for free to anyone with the will and desire to take advantage or make use of them.  Schools and virtual schools are also still options to self-interest-based homeschooling.

Emergency Diversions – Supra prototype constructs.  Force existing oil and natural resource extraction companies to become non-profits with very different mission statements, and/or FORCE them to divert ALL their net profits into clean/renewable energy technology and a replacement infrastructure, because the more oil we can save for the future, the better.  Design lifestyles and profession options around passions instead of profits.  Every life is something.

New Base Time Machine-like Foundation – Replace the existing calendar/time-keeping structure with a Mayan-type ‘differently geared’ one, and take the opportunity of ‘the great transition,’ to synchronize various systems and holidays, while selectively incorporating some into the clean slate new calendar design for old time’s sake, but do to the fact that the new and improved celebration calendar will be designed to celebrate and guide life better and more smoothly and pleasantly through existence, only token sets and select manifestations of what presently exist will continue to exist as they presently do.  This ‘base’ synchronizes all the other facets in an all-new ‘realm of perception and existence itself,’ and provides the fresh and clean R & D trial foundations on which to present the ideology as a religion and then demand side-by-side comparison and equal or better treatment with religious exemption status just like any other religion or concept/purpose/principle-over-pure-profit-based organization.

Embedded Existence – New and improved embedded symbolism and meaning everywhere, where once there was none and/or far less cool/impressive designs.  Codes.  Memes.  Themes.  Coincidences.  Storylines.  Real life.  Crossing-camera realities.  Camera-crossing realities.

Specific Tactics – Never before seen prototype attention getting and keeping constructs.  Goal-E.  Mobile demo illustrative productions.  Retasking of key superlative equipment.  Disney-like attention to detail and spirit in design of principle in government.  Unique licensed and protected art street signs created and brought online like a technological garden.  Redecorate instead of destroy.

Embedded Marketing Pre-existing Initiative – Embed a parallel fairytale guiding narrative  between the lines of existing ‘otherwise possibly compromised’ modern centralized media and entertainment programming channels for the purpose of reversing time, ‘freezing and replaying’ history with a secondary and superlative intentionally designed motive to address and correct peoples’ programming when directly exposing them to the neutralized and optimized hidden content parallel.  Time machine.  ZooX project animal POV cast for recording and illustration of concepts in hypothesized purpose and action.  Priceless design clothing efficiency.  Colors and stripes.  Brand of Dream Girls to replace Playboy and credit/honor value the intellectual and internal value of select ‘alpha’ specimens while using them as teacher/priestess/role model-type things to spread the necessary information and brand solutions to the appropriate groups around the world.  In essence just representing the ‘supramatriarchal’ face of the brand.

+On Military Hardware…+

Rather than try to bomb, destroy, and militarily force our way into the “hearts and minds” of populations, why not try to simply win them into adopting the new system by simply presenting a superior design, that say, could buy their compliance with something as simple as providing boxes (homes) with air conditioning/heating, TV, internet, and a modern and improved real-time Biblical-grade fairytale type narrative for them to buy into and become involved with?

Since all this modern archaic military weaponry already exists, and I plan to eliminate the existence and need for military weaponry the world around at the same time, this means these machines will need retasking.  Along those lines I’d like to convert existing military planes, ships, and vehicles into colorfully painted PR toys that shoot and drop only fireworks/3D video game pieces as they are dispatched on heavy-duty goodwill missions around the world.  I’d like to park a few functional but disarmed specimens around every converted church to be a constant reminder of the insanity of the “old world” and what the associated mythological concepts of God failed to protect anyone from, and also use them for purely recreational/ritual “shockingly awesome” demonstrations of how destructive mankind and technology can be when left unchecked.  From the point this new world design is installed forward, military weaponry will only be used for crowd entertaining destruction of non-living targets, like old buildings already condemned to be demolished.  The point would be to show the power of technology when applied to weapons, but simultaneously remind everyone that is exactly why we should not be creating or aiming them at each other, lest such behavior begets the same behavior in response.

Some other specific ideas/requests I have in that department include…  I’d like to convert all military ships into cruise/”example life experience” ships instead, and instead of floating them around the world with hostile military intentions, I’d like to add them to the pool of cool/luxury reward item options everyone has the opportunity to earn and experience for weeks or months at a time, just for the fun of it, not because anyone is being sent off to war.  They would sail in goodwill fleets with ships from every former country grouped together, and go on goodwill missions around the world where people get the opportunity to enjoy coordinated goodwill experiences meeting the people from previously foreign lands.

In that same vein/project I have one personal request, and that is that I be given my own personal former aircraft carrier to be converted into the goodwill initiative fleet flagship.  Not only would this be lovingly converted to a non-militarized version of its former self and staffed largely with my flock of goodwill ambassador dreamgirls, but it would be converted into the ultimate floating stage that would put the X-factor to shame, from which I could conduct the ultimate “shockingly awesome” mobile presentation of everything the brand is supposed to represent and usher into this new era.  Is that too much to ask?

Also, to demonstrate the use of technology for good/noble/constructive pursuits, I’d like to use what’s left of air force equipment to put on shows and have competitions testing our ability to do things like, oh, I don’t know, land air-dropped vehicles and packages on targets using guided remotely guided parachute systems and stuff like that.  For example, have live, televised, uber-produced drone and military aircraft races/flight competitions instead.  Since we already have such insane stockpiles of missiles and bullets the world around, I’d like to use those in tandem with the machines they’re associated with to create the ultimate game/broadcast public spectacle of blowing up targets for fun and competition until all existing stockpiles are depleted.  I have some ideas for the ultimate game/TV show along those lines that uses a combination of machines and participants arranged into teams across a variety of challenges air/land/sea, but we’ll get to those specifics once I get the rest of this adopted.

+On Genetics, Avatar Quality, and Population Balance…+

*insert diagram of world population growth*

Houston, we have a problem.  Actually, we have a multiple-source-caused, largely invisible, very serious problem, but, no worries, in theory, some education and comprehensive system redesign can solve this too.

It’s us.  And by “us” I mean the genetic caliber and number of human specimens on this planet, and the way that number is increasing as the quality, and resources required to sustain them, is not.  As a matter of fact it’s rapidly going the opposite direction towards complete depletion.  Then what?  This is why we need a comprehensive design that accounts for every single human life on this planet, through several future generations, Second Life style, but also why we need to take proactive, front-side measures to reduce population growth and improve the quality of avatars and circumstances all life is born into, or else there will be obvious and very ugly problems on the horizon.

Rather than bring truly innocent life into this world only to treat it like sh7t, make it miserable, and then slaughter it (a true crime against the game of existence itself), I’ve come up with a handful of solutions as to how this problem could be peacefully and righteously corrected as well.

First on the list is something that will already be done for a variety of other reasons, but that is to remove the religious and cultural misindoctrination that encourages exponential reproduction simply for exponential reproduction’s sake.  That’s insane.  That’s suicide.  That is left over from a long bygone era when the world was flat and unlimited.  That lowers the quality of life for every living being on this planet, so that’s out the window.  China has gone with a 1 child policy.  I would say at least a 1-for-1  policy should be the base standard, with credits given that can be earned, bought, and sold if others want to give-up or acquire the right to have more children from others who cannot take care of them righteously or simply do not wish to have any.

Next up is breeding licenses.  I know many may scoff at this idea or throw whatever old world, blind, shortsighted, inconsiderate, and apathetic selfish desires they may have in the face of such a concept even being proposed, but here me out as to the WHY.  Life itself should be the most precious consideration of all.  Right now the world doesn’t have that.  It doesn’t have any protection mechanisms to protect innocent souls from being born into unwanted and complete irresponsible and unfair circumstance.  As a matter of fact, our world presently encourages and exploits meaningless sex between strangers or pairs of people hardly capable of being fit beings to rear children to the highest possible standard, and since that could be me being brought into someone else’s nightmare through no fault of my own, I’m here to put and end to that even being a possibility, but, like I said, no worries, I have a very considerate way to go about it.

This is only a loose theory, specifics can be worked out as the time to implement such corrective measures in reality approaches, but the idea would be to use reversible sterilization or contractual sterilization to prevent all human beings from reproducing until they meet certain requirements.  Some peopleofwalmart.com may protest, but we’re going for Utopia here, not the Armageddon this world is presently on course for, and this is to protect the innocent unborn souls from being born into highly imperfect if not slave-like conditions, so screw what some people want, you have to earn and deserve the right to be parents and bring innocent life into this world.  This hypothetical system would simply be a way of insuring that happens, truly, for the kid’s and all of society’s sake.  The good news is the vast majority of halfway decent human beings in the world as it exists would qualify, and this is just to filter out the bad apples and deadbeat parents before they multiply, or at least bring them up to a standard where they could be responsible stewards to the life they wish to create.

The good news is, this won’t be nearly as hard of a fight to win as one might think, because there are incentives.  While we have what’s left of a fiat currency or completely individually adjustable fiat currency on the horizon, people can be “bought out” from bringing life into this world if they truly are not ready for it, trust fund-type insured and incentivized so they will only bring life into this realm when the circumstances are right, or even offered hybrid options like having “star kid” genetics replace their own.

The bottom line is, right now the human population itself and its condition are devolving in certain areas and the human population in combination with our existing systems are solely responsible for the cancer-like destruction of this Earth that all future generations of life will require to exist.  If we do not improve the quality of the realm as well as the quality of the avatars in order to improve the quality of the realm and life experience from the inside out, the future and “God” will never forgive us.  It may see extreme, but I would use the world necessary.  And it only seems radical from the existing insanely inconsiderate and short-sighted perspective the vast majority of the human species has been programmed and conditioned into, which is no sane point of reference whatsoever.  Just look at that chart and ponder the concept of nonrenewable resources until you understand every mouth brought into this world means another one can’t be fed at some point, and we may have already crossed critical mass and just don’t know it yet.  Watch Idiocracy then watch TMZ and what qualifies as “leader of the free world” presidential candidates talk about their very limited and short-sighted pandering policies and plans for existence. Scary stuff.

The working logical paranoia-based philosophy that underlies many of these redesign theories works on the concept of “random rebirth theory,” meaning that any of us could be reborn into this realm into a different avatar in the future, and the only way to insure you aren’t born into a world of needless suffering and misery is to ensure that world of suffering and misery doesn’t exist to be born into.  That’s what we’re trying to intelligently engineer here.

+On Existing Real World System Interim Redesigns…+

Rather than continue to tolerate the exploitation of non-renewable resources for what ultimately amounts to imaginary, artificial profit in a dark ages world that’s misprogrammed from the core, I believe some interim solutions are in order.  Steps in the right direction, like forcing all non-renewable energy companies to become non-profits, or invest all profits under the existing design constructs into the development of clean energy instead.  Yes, they won’t be investment profit vehicles on the market anymore.  So what?  You don’t think there are higher priorities?  Like at least remotely attempting to save as much as possible of what’s left of the world’s oil supply for all future generations to build cool stuff out of instead of burning it as fuel or throwing it away in our temporary, fleeting consumption-based society as one-use plastics?

Speaking of sustainability and efficiency, I’d also like to see homes start getting made out of site-sourced Earthen materials.  Why?  From what I’ve learned, they are extremely more efficient, more durable, more low-impact and therefore sustainable, and could put us well on the way to creating a free home for every human that wants/needs one to live in.  One way to attain this would be to create do-it-yourself kits of the blueprints and tools required to build these Earthen houses, and then the tool kits could just be lent and moved from one site to the next, with the individual people and neighborhoods providing the physical manpower ingredient “old school” like the Amish do in raising barns.

Also, along these lines of created fully sustainable prototypes/designs in place of our existing highly energy and infrastructure dependent “treadmill logic-based” models, I’d like to create Solar City prototypes from scratch on the closest vacant land just outside of major urban areas.  Right now, as our world is bleeding jobs and pushing lives off the treadmills people are traditionally tied to for financial-based survival, there is a growing pool of willing and able souls that would jump at the opportunity to participate in such experimental projects if they were made abundant and easy to join.  The technology is there, and everything from rain collection to sustainable gardening designs could be pioneered now from the ground up instead of waiting for the existing system to crash further and leaving millions in dire circumstance in the wake.  If this master government redesign were to take over, one aspect would be to allow those willing to sign up to participate in zero cost, high efficiency, sustainable prototype village constructs in exchange for their time and commune-like assistance.  It’s probably a much better way to earn a dwelling to call your own that commuting 30 miles back and forth to an office everyday for 30 years.  It may not be for everyone, but it should be a win-win option for those who desire it.

+On Quality of Life for Animals…+

Any living creature you come across, you should stop and consider – it could be you.  Life technology is life technology, the only true miracle responsible for any of us existing, so when it comes to encountering any life form with sensory feedback systems, consider that your behavior and their conditions may in fact greatly be affecting their well-being in some parallel Universe where all the pain and happiness of the Universe is recorded by the God machine matrix.  Just because they can’t communicate their experience of existence doesn’t mean they still don’t have to endure it one way or another, so accordingly, you should behave in the most considerate and responsible way possible.

I’m not saying you can’t kill ants and mosquitos, I’m saying, if you do it, do it quickly so that no life has to suffer.  Also, when it comes to our factory farming of animals for their meat, I realize this is a modernized necessary evil on some level and we are the proverbial alpha predator who has evolved to be able to consume meat and vegetables for a reason, but when it comes to the treatment and lives of those animals earmarked to become food, I believe it is imperative that we make the quality and experience of their lives as best as humanly possible, and their deaths without fear or pain.  None.  None whatsoever.

I realize this is difficult to some extent because we can’t get inside the animals’ heads to know what they are thinking completely, but I suggest we being by considering the natural environments the animals were designed to live in before man came along and modified them for our own selfish purposes.  If we’re the alpha creature, surely we can at least do that.  At least provide the animals mazes to graze in, and make their deaths completely sudden, thorough, and unexpected, not line them up and treat them like they are creatures who have no sense only to be tortured by the trauma of the experience while they were alive in this realm. Anything less is cruel, twisted, and inhumane.

+On a New Singular Common Global Language…+

Communication is everything, and while we’re here redesigning everything using singular global communication technology as the platform to do so, it only makes sense to bring the entire human family onto the same page communication ability-wise while we’re at is as well.

“But which language?”  None of the above.  There in lies the key.  Rather than give preference to any one country or existing language, I’d rather start from scratch and have everyone learn the new language at the same time as a symbolic gesture and practical measure.  That way, no one feels they are being forced to adapt into accepting a different culture as the base for such a key component to existence.  Or maybe create a hybrid of several existing languages, so long as technology-enabled efficiency is at the core of the design.

I don’t know enough about language to specifically suggest where to begin with this, but, for example, if English were to be used as the base, I would suggest taking a lolcats + text messaging approach where everything is spelled phonetically and reduced to the bare minimal number of characters required to convey a thought, emotion, or idea.  One step beyond that, now that we are forever going to exist in a new world where technology is king and pictures, video, and images can be transferred to one another just as easily as words, perhaps even going to a symbol-based language is the way to go.

Either way, what matters is that we start from scratch and give everyone in the world equal opportunity to symbolically learn the language at the same time, and I do have some ideas as to how that would be possible using some of the other key mechanisms I outline in other parts of my “master plan,” like the “Google Realm” all-in-one social media-type platform I discuss in another section combined with that desire to put a free computer, phone, and high speed internet connection in the hands of every single human on this Earth.

With a synchronized global model, it is not only possible, it’s logical.  It would allow signs to be read the world around, and friends from across the world and leaders right next to each other alike could communicate directly both in person and online.  Just think of what that could do to improve international politics.  And while we’re at it, why not synchronize the world to a new global weights and measurement system?  Conversions are a pain in everyone’s ass.

+On Church and Symbol Modification/Conversion…+

What’s wrong with churches?  They’re based on ancient world mythology that obviously hasn’t done enough to prevent mankind from descending into evil and self-destructing, and those myths were literally designed to operate in a time and place that is night and day different than the world humankind presently exists in.

What’s right with churches?  There’s one in (most) every neighborhood and so they provide the perfect physical group gathering location to begin reprogramming mankind for the better.  And there are some good tenets mixed in there with the mythology, but that’s why I advocate simply distilling all religions down to their underlying principles and keeping the good ones while getting rid of all the misassociative mythological floof.

Since there happens to be one is most every neighborhood the world around and I’ve already designed a suprareligious construct to unite them philosophy-wise, the next obvious question is “Can I reuse your boxes to preach and illustrate?”

To do so, and although all existing old world religions will officially be considered “functional museums” under this new brand of perspective, their decorations can stay if they so choose.  We’ll just be adding to them and preaching a different story.  To do that, I’d like to turn the experience of going to “church” more like going to see the ultimate IMAX movie every week, but not just any movie, a movie specifically designed to guide and teach the congregation, but a movie made with components from each individual inserted into a global narrative, that is designed to become the ultimate neverending story.  Every week it would be like people gathering to watch and discuss the next chapter in the ultimate new world gospel saga, and by uniting and syncing production from the entire world, combined with the power of cutting edge technology, oh what an amazing and powerful-for-the-better experience it could be.

The purpose of the Google Realm digital platform is to allow everyone to accurately record and tell their life story, and one purpose of the suprareligion is to unite them all into one living ultimate real-time testament while essentially turning the focus away from centralized broadcast celebrities and false idols, and towards making every single human the star of their own life along the right behavioral tenets.

“The Supra Church” is also going to be tied in with the SylvrForce goodwill initiative and the “supralicensing” of the spice and various sacred optional experience paths along those lines, but it’s also going to be a platform from which to preach and illustrate the good, bad, and other of the human condition and the world we live in itself.  Rather than worship imaginary deities much less give credit for all the beauty of life to them, we’re going to worship reality – Life itself – and technology, or rather artful scientific explanation and understanding of reality…with a focus on natural system designs, efficiency, and sustainability until such point as the future of mankind is no longer in danger due to our presently foolish and almost criminally delusional ways.

Accordingly, I’d like to make churches kind of like a blur between interactive science museums, ultimate movie experiences, and the coolest lights and music show you’ll ever see.  Seen weekly.  I have crazy ideas like putting old, *restored* and functional jet airplane wings on the buildings to symbolize flight steampunk style, but that’s just so we can ritually fire up the jets from time to time to show the raw power mankind developed during a different phase of history…but ask the questions like “At what cost?” and then question the need versus want aspects of life itself, air travel, and man burning dinosaurs to travel places on a whim…while blindly edging closer to becoming dinosaurs themselves as a result.  Just keepin’ it real.

This is also why I want to have retired military equipment on the church grounds.  Not to use in its war-like capacity, but simply as a cool and constant reminder of what mankind is capable of, but what it should *not* be doing…kind of like killing while inanely believing in and hypocritically praying to an imaginary God.  There is another reason the military vehicles will be there, in that I will need a safe and symbolic place to park them after I bring them off the battlefield for good, but the sky is the limit when it comes to integrating science and clearly explained magic into the religion, so I’m sure more and ever cooler ideas will get added as we go.  That is one other facet of “The Supra Church,” it is designed to be ever evolving, so I’m sure there will be more than enough stuff to add and make “church” something everyone looks forward to going to more than Disneyland every week.

+On Embedded Symbolism, C0.de Language, and Associated Style…+

The reason <+he WYZARD projec+> is written the way it is is, you guessed it, embedded symbolism.  And not just embedded symbolism, embedded symbolism linked to other embedded symbolism, linked to omnipresent existence both online and in the real world, and that’s how it’s done.

This section could literally take up half the book itself as I’ve been writing a meme-like “code” of changing and evolving symbology to be embedded in media and entertainment industry products for over 5 years now, resulting in thousands of different items with correlated meanings and millions of words explaining them, their origins, and how they fit into the real world, but to start I’ll just explain the symbolism in writing the name of “The Wyzard Project” as I do and then I’ll randomly add to this section if/when I ever find the time to revisit my volumes of notes both written online and in notebooks by hand.

The angle brackets on either side of <+he WYZARD projec+> represent the use of angle brackets in HTML code that make the code invisible to sight; although it is still responsible for what gets put on the screen that you see.  This was a metaphor for the semi-secret hidden-in-plain-sight “media writing project” I created starting in 2006 that has had amusing influence on the historical narrative ever since, although if you don’t know the code between me (the source) and the receiver/broadcasters (the media/producers), there is no way you would ever be able to see the correlation, much less know that it even exists to see the correlation in the first place.  Tah dah!

Now then, we’re not done yet.  The angle brackets, when put together with no text between them, make the shape of a diamond.  *That* shape of a diamond is why diamonds also came to symbolize this project, and what in turn led to the recent proliferation of the use of diamonds *shapes* throughout global fashion in recent years.  Tah dah!

I guess it could also be used to symbolize the “diamond in the rough” station in life from what much of what the project is written and has been researched and written from in first person, but I’m not going to say that because I didn’t specifically engineer it to mean that, although that is also very much a reality.

“So why is wyzard spelled with a y?”  Exactly.  WhY.  Why is my favorite and the ultimate question, and ultimate answer to everything I do and everything I’ve done.  It also is what must be the first thing asked when analyzing and deconstructing everything else in the world, and so therefore the question “Why?” is kind of a big deal in the grand scheme of understanding existence and all its components.  Something I considered such a big deal that I designed it into the “meme” of The Wyzard Project as a constant intentional typo-like spelling of words.  (Allyn Tygrrr, AlynAlyxWest, etc.) That of course isn’t a typo as all, but is inserted there as a reminder that people should always ask “Why?” before jumping to any conclusions, writing off the existence of various components, or making any assumptions.

Finally, why are the t’s on each end made with +’s instead of t’s?  Not just because it looked cool, but because all aspects of The Wyzard Project are designed to work on a win-win basis.  When one side wins and the other side loses, that is a failure of design, and so all these radical modifications I’ve made to the designs that control existence itself were done on a win-win, if not a win-win-win, basis.  Blatantly obviously clever enough right?

And this is nothing.  Well, it’s not nothing, but it’s waaay less than 1% of all the meme-like symbols and codes I’ve designed and installed over the last few years, so like I said, it might take a while to write-out and explain…but it’s also probably the coolest thing in modern history and once you learn the code well enough to see it everywhere it’s been intentionally embedded, the effect is truly magical in turning the world and even the simple act of watching TV into a surreal fantasy-like blur of “Wow, how is that even possible?” and then wanting to point out and explain everything to your friends once you understand where it all came from and what it all means.

+On Adding A Game Layer to the Real World…+

It’s fairly obvious I don’t think any of the existing governments the world around (much less military regimes) are nearly “cool” enough for my tastes, and that I think we at least need a Google/Disney caliber brand of government instead that would, oh, I don’t know, have crazy things like an omnipresent sense of humor and high degree of artistic value to everything it creates, but that’s why it should come as no surprise that I think one way to implement such a superior brand of government would come in the form of blurring real life with digital game technology to make the experience of existing itself far more exciting and entertaining and leave everyone looking forward to getting up and going to work everyday like it’s a trip to Disneyland.  Of course this would take a little bit of doing, so that’s why I’ll now take the time to share some ideas and concepts along those lines.

Anyone who’s tried Facebook or the internet for any length of time knows it can become fairly addicting, simply because it’s so cool to have an unlimited wealth of information and thousands of people to interact with at your fingertips at any given time.  On top of that we have the recent pioneering efforts into such technology platforms as Foursquare that allow people to semi-track themselves by voluntarily checking into locations at will, but I’m talking about taking things to a whole new level, where the line between reality and “the game” is completely and forever blurred, in essence turning the experience of life itself into something far more fantasy-like as if blurring Second Life, this new suprareligion, and the previously somewhat mundane experience of day-to-day life together into an all new fantasy-like experience of existence.

As I may have mentioned in other sections, I don’t think it’s remotely beyond the realm of possibility to model the entire globe with an identical Second Life-type model.  Combine that with the ability to have a new far-more-transparent protocol for human existence and things like RFID technology, and you could literally make the real world completely interactive and allow everyone to “keep score” of their lives in a completely digital parallel realm.

Now then, like everything else, the reasons for implementing such a design aren’t just fun and fantasy, rather, it has very important practical uses in resolving some of the otherwise Armageddon-type police state issues the world is presently approaching quite quickly.

One such use would be taking the power of tracking and surveillance out of the hands of militarized, adversarial intelligence community police state-type constructs and bringing it full-circle back into the hands of the public itself.  The list of benefits to this are numerous, but namely, if we implemented a translucent use of “spy” technology instead of the one-sided militarily programmed use of it, it would do wonders for the human psyche.  I mean, they can already track you, listen to everything you say and watch everything you do if they so choose, so rather than leave such technology in the hands of militarily minded types hiding behind veils of complete secrecy, wouldn’t it be better to just make a fun game of it and use passive tracking technology to give people credit for the lives they lead?

On that same note, although this may sound “crazy” to the old world human conditioning systems presently in place, when people know they are being watched and tracked,  self-policing-type paranoia alone will cause them to behave far more good than bad.  If you combine that with a game layer that would give people credit and reward them for doing right, while allowing them to keep track of their existence as if it were “God” himself/herself/itself watching, think of the difference it would make.  In fact, you could even consider this use of technology “God” himself keeping track of every human life and ultimately compiling the results into that individual’s *true* testament to existence at the end of their life.

Of course, some degree of privacy is necessary because we don’t need to be in peoples’ homes or beds with them at ever single hour of every day, but that’s why we’d allow people to selectively opt-in or out to various levels of active tracking and participation in the game, and in the meantime, passive, unaccessible tracking data could be recorded to provide a “back-up” record of everyone’s existence…just in case.  There would be no murder.  Or at least no murder without recourse.  Why?  Because if the God-like technology was capable of tracking every single being at every single moment, there is no way someone could deny being somewhere when they were in fact there.

Of course many people will initially be opposed to such a concept given how the world presently conditions people into behavior pattern expectations of deception and secrecy from the moment they are brought into this world and told Santa Claus is real, but when you look at the harm lies and secrecy have caused to innocent lives throughout history, the deeper you look, the more the benefits of required transparency and honesty begin to far outweigh the costs.  If anything, simply approaching people with such an idea would be an excellent method to gauge how “shady” they are, because good people tend not to do things they have to hide or lie about, whereas the lesser-good human beings among us tend to use lies and secrecy as their ultimate weapons in abusing others.  Even on the ultimate world’s stage at this point.  That is the glaring problem that must be addressed for all of mankind’s sake and the future of all life on this planet.  We cannot allow a bunch of insane 20th century fools and goons hiding behind secrecy and one-sided power to abuse the exponentially increasing power of technology as they seem to be programmed to do, so the only true solution is to take that power out of their hands and shed technological light on everything that’s been going on.  Technology evolving to self-protect technology from being abused by militarily programmed human apes if you will.  The difference between a kitten and a kitten that’s been armed with weapons and secrecy and programmed to blindly consider other creatures “the enemy” along non-reality-based lines should be fairly apparent, and we need to get back to the former rather than the latter.

The implementation of such technology would not only take that power presently wielded by the bad guys away, it would allow all those open, honest people to get goodwill credit for their existence, and combined with the adjustable electronic currency and an interactive game layer, could do wonders to improve the human condition and experience of life itself.

Would parents not want the ability to track their children to ensure they’re safe?  Would conditioning a new generation into such an expected and rewarded behavior protocol not be better than letting things continue to go off the rails as they have been?  All it would create is an accurate history of mankind for the first time in history, and a “God-like self conscious” at the same time, with credit given, so in coordination with all the other mechanisms in play, I think it would actually be far more easy to get the entire human population (or at least voluntary segments of it to start) to adapt into such an advanced and technologically enabled protocol that one might otherwise think.  Like my “tethering” solution to the “War on Drugs,” it might not be an ideal or necessary eternal solution, but as an immediate emergency-like solution to stop mankind’s unacceptable behavior conditioning and reprogram it to a better standard, I would argue it’s pretty much necessary.  If there’s one thing humans and most all creatures that have survived on this planet are clearly capable of doing, it’s adapt.  And if adapting our species to a clear and reality-based translucent protocol doesn’t seem like a far superior solution to all the suffering, abuse, destruction, and devolution going on in the world as it exists today, you may not be well-informed enough yet.

Since all these world redesign schemes of mine are technology-based, there is also the completely open option to incorporate ever more advanced technology into it as it comes online, all the way up until we are fully bionic beings, which isn’t that far off.  It would blur the line between reality, reality-based gameplay, fantasy, and virtual reality all at the same time, and frankly I think that sounds pretty cool.  For example, speaking of the game layer, one such technology that might be incorporated is the “Sixth Sense” presently being developed in a lab at MIT.  That technology essentially projects images onto existing real world objects, and in turn makes them interactive in the digital realm.  Combine that with all the other pieces, ideas, and potential on the table and you’ve got the recipe for complete awesome instead of the painfully delusional and evil sh7t the world has going on right now.

+On a New Calendar Style Overlay…+

Now then, one question that comes up when considering all these technology-based, anti-diabolical plans is “How could such a fresh start system be implemented when the world as we know it is so entrenched in its existing ways of being and has been for millennia?”

Well, speaking of millennia, it is mind-boggling that some of these random mythological belief systems have been around for so long, and that humans are even foolish enough to buy into them in the first place, but that too is not without means of remedy.  The crazy part is that all our lives are just brief flashes on the timeline of history, and so all these traditions and indoctrinations are passed down from one generation to the next, due largely in part to the real world constructs that exist and therefore essentially force people into them for lack of better options.  Group influence and being born to families and nations that give you no other option is no joke.  I mean, if you live in America, even with “freedom of religion” (freedom of delusion) your options for which church/religion to subscribe to and participate in are extremely limited.  Combine that with the fact that there will typically only be one religious brand church box of one sort or another in your neighborhood that your parents, family, or friends go to, and probably influenced you into going to before you were even old enough to realize it, and you might realize you have never really been nearly as free as you thought.  Those brands of religion and ways of thinking are what all our global holidays and celebrations are based on derivations of, and since those were just ancient dark ages mythological constructs devised within a night/day completely different realm than the one we currently exist in to begin with, it’s no wonder the “modern” world is so screwed up.  I won’t even get into the completely unHoly distortion and exploitation of them.

That in itself would be one thing that no sane person could look at, with all the other religious options from around the globe and throughout history, and buy into fully, but unfortunately we live in a world of much quantity and little quality in terms of such “supra” capacity thinking, so finding a way around the existing omnipresent indoctrination mechanisms also takes some doing, but I would hardly call it impossible.

We’ll credit/blame this idea on the 2012 “end of the world.”  More specifically, I say we take a nod from the Mayans and simply design a completely from-scratch gear-like calendar to begin operating on instead of the existing Gregorian one.  *gasp*  Redefine the way we measure time itself?

Sure.  Why not?  As beings, our only real existence is on a daily cycle anyway, and from there there seasons parade around us, but taking all this into account in designing a completely new calendar to follow isn’t that difficult.  I mean, for Christ’s sake, the ancient Mayans did it.  I would be the perfect opportunity to “reset” the world and drop all the b.s. at once.

And what are the benefits?  Escape from the crazy and the entrenched ancient world slave-like indoctrination we are all forced to otherwise endure.  Just think about the potential.  No more religious wars.  All holidays/”breaks” from routine could be redesigned around real world meaningful events instead of arbitrary events that have nothing to do with our lives or improving them…and scheduled out far more evenly and intelligently.  Furthermore, since I’m basing this entire scheme on a 3-day work week instead of the random 5-day, 40-hour work week devised only to protect people from being worked like even worse slaves, it all works out perfectly.  Literally, it would just be the ultimate opportunity to rethink and reschedule EVERYTHING.

By adjusting the globe to a new time and celebration schedule, the world around at the same time, in combination with all the other mechanisms I’ve presented, we could essentially ‘resync’ the entire human population while allowing them to keep all their existing ways and traditions intact as secondary considerations.

Since on the pros list you have everything from the elimination of war to the elimination of poverty to the protection of the quality of the experience of life itself…and right now the existing system is plummeting straight toward self-destruction and catastrophe…it seems like a really intelligent thing to do.  We could even just adopt using the new calendar for a decade or a generation or two until the world is completely resynced to the new global standard, then have plans to return it back to a solar calendar once we’ve saved humankind from self-destruction.  Just something to think about.

+On Upgrading Sports…+

Games.  On what fun they are.  My isn’t it interesting how various groups from around the globe have religiously taken to liking one sport or another, thinking that sport is the best and all others are less-so.  How does that happen?  Where do sports some from?  Why do some evolve and others not evolve over time?

What if we could symbolically get several sports from around the globe to evolve together and towards each other at once?

Alright, well I guess that’s something of a lofty goal that would in fact require reengineering some games into literally having more lofty and numerous goals, but since so little has been done in the evolution of sports department I certainly think the potential is there to improve on all games.

Luckily, this paragraph wasn’t written about that, but rather as a chance to suggest how sports could be used to save humanity.  Of course they can be used an an excellent replacement for war, and the war-type behavior and machinery could actually be turned into a bloodless sport instead of all the murdering and destruction, but what I wanted to mention was far more simple.

What if we temporarily modified the goals of games to draw attention to more important things?  What if soccer goals were made just a little bit smaller or larger, and that extra space was taken up by banners that directed people towards more important causes?  That way every time a goal was scored or missed due to the changes, people might initially have a “grrr…” reaction, but then the purpose of the signs and direction would be there to remind them there are far more important things in the world they should be getting emotional about?

+On the Google Realm Concept…”

Despite the fact that it doesn’t exist yet, “Google Realm” is a term I will use to describe a singular global social networking slash automatic biography/autobiography creating technology platform.  Kind of like if Google entered the market, got things “right,” and, in tandem with this supra global government construct I’ve dreamt up, created a universal digital platform for people to parallel their real lives with.  Combine that with my plans/desires to give every human being a lifetime supply of Apple-grade computers and phones with global coverage for free, and you have the basic components necessary to implement this new digital parallel universe.


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